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"The Wild Life" is an upcoming Cartoon Series based on a College campus comprised of anthropomorphic animals attempting to survive college life.

Our core characters are Logan (Dog) and his fearless friend Barry (Donkey). Coming out of high school into the big world of college is a huge step for our characters and wouldn't be possible without a few funny co-eds and professors. Whether that be a wise cracking, pot-head like Joey (Kangaroo), a stern, no-nonsense RA like Norman (Turtle), or a Dean (OWL) who is just trying to keep his school afloat, this team will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Class Scene-"World Studies"

Library Scene Cafeteria Scene

Logans Parents drop him off at College on opening day and Barry wants to throw a party to kick off the year right!

Get to meet some other funny students and faculty members like Joey, Felicia, Norman, Gishnu, Sammy, Dean Owl, Peacock Perkins, & many more.

Bobby The Janitor Chicago & Memphis with Peacock Perkins

Gishnu on a ladder Norman Party Blocking

Mr. Nice Guy Productions is putting together a new adult animated cartoon about 2 friends attempting to survive college life. With your donation this project will be able to be placed in animated festivals around the country. This funding will also help the Wild Life deliver a higher quality item.

We are a small team trying to do this in the hopes that it will be seen and ultimately picked up by a production company or we receive enough funding and capital to produce it independently.

Christmas Special Halloween Party

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